I dream of Porto Malai..

Referring to my earlier post about me being upset..actually ayang was upset too as I am. He was so tension, until he insist me to go with him for a break in langkawi this cny holiday. Act b4 this he already gave suggestion to have a holiday in langkawi, but I declined as I know langkawi will be packed wth ppl during cny.

So as we have to cancel our holiday for next March, I finally agree to go to langkawi. Ayang gave me privilege to choose which hotel that I interested (of course not over wth his budgetla..hihi). And 1st hotel that I mentioned is Awana Porto Malai.

Actually it has been few yrs already since I first dream to stay in Porto Malai. I had been attracted to its beautiful location and the very nice scenery. Of course I never been there b4. just seen the pics from my friend’s album and fr internet. My first time to langkawi is about 6 yrs back. That time I want wth my mum, along with 1 full bus of 'rombongan makcik kiah'. We just stay at some budget hotel, I even don’t remember the name of the hotel. And that time the cable car also not existing yet.

Back to Porto Malai story, 1st time I see my fren’s pics in frienster, it has caption ‘us in porto malai jetty’. I’m soo ‘jakun’ that I thought that porto malai is somewhere overseas. For me, the name is vey nice and unique..=).Later than I know that porto malai is in langkawi. Haha..silly me. So as I say b4, all pics are sooo beautiful wth the jetty landscape, beautiful board walk, amazing sea view..don’t believe me? U can check urself in below pics..
Very nice scenery in porto malai resort..

Nice view from one of the sea view room type

Nice pools for children. Wonder if me n ayang can join playing there. along wth zara of couse..=)

So yesterday, with a little excitement I called this hotel to make a reservation. But..what!!!all rooms already been occupied..!! Again, i felt little disappointed becoz after so mane yrs not coming to langkawi, i expect to stay at my dream place. I already imaganing myself and ayang, took zara for a walk along the board walk, relaxing our mind and body by looking out to the peaceful sea. Cannot blame anyone as i realized we only make last minit planning, so must have expected this things would happen.

Right now, still not confirmed either we'll still go to langkawi. but what is really confirm is..i'll continue my dream on Porto Malai..!!huhuhuhu...


mizzy N said...

aku pegi langkawi gi lepak hotel bajet aje. Lepas tu sewa kereta dan round Langkawi dengan selesanya. ahahhah

lily azliyana @ mama zara said...

hehe..kite berlainan cite rasela. aku klu gi bercuti (lagi2 bercuti ngan laki), mesti amik kire hotel sekali. hotel yg best mempengaruhi cuti yg best..ahahaha..

mizzy N said...

saya orang bujang, citarasa bajet je. bestnya ada sugar hubby gi langkawi.

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