Dedicated to my ex-group mate

Act today’s post has no related with my daughter zara, so I’ll not use ‘mama’ for this post. I’m specially writing this as to dedicate my appreciation to my ex-group mate, that will be resigned in few days time as to further his study towards achieving his ambition.

So, just a short notes about my group. During my 2 years working here in Nitto Denko, the past 1 year is the best moment for me. In this R&D dept, a new small gp, which is ETG (Elemental technology group) had been established, as to conduct evaluation and support the others main gp that mainly related to customer issue. This gp only consist of 3 peoples (not including my boss) which is me, Neoh and Zam.

It is such a pleasure working with these 2 peoples. We always help each other, study new things together and sometimes we share problems too. In fact, when not much work to do in office, we also ‘snaking’ around together..hehe.. Among the 3 of us, Zam is the most senior and of course has the most knowledge because he do more lab works compare to me and Neoh. So usually we always refer to him when we unsure with certain things during our tasks.

However, Zam main goal is actually to be a teacher. Its very rare for men to have ‘teacher’ as their ambition isn’ it. Eventually after few months trying, he has been accepted to further study in UPSI, for Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Kemahiran Hidup). And much more interesting, he also get to married last December with his fiancé (wifey now) Mrs Baizura.

So, just want to congratulate him on this new achievement. First for his title as someone’s hubby, and secondly for his new world as a ‘teacher-to-be’. For Zam, please don’t ever forget me and Neoh here. Pray for our successes no matter where we will be working next. We definitely will miss u n always remember our memories in ETG gp. As for you, we hope that u will success in your new carrier and hopefully u and wife will get a baby soon..=)

These are few pics of us during our working time and ‘snaking’ time..hehe.. Do remember us Zam..!!.

ETG group members. Neoh, Zam and me

Me and Neoh in lab

Zam and Neoh at lab
Makan2 time

Zam and Neoh in office


Lim Bee said...

lily, thats a good description about group... hehe...just to add something.. we are the most "hardworking" group to organise makan makan session and walk walk...

To zam.. all the best to u and hope that you wont forget us here..
After tomorrow, our group will just left 2 cute gals without the guidance from tok "GURU"... haha...

Mazeng said... First of all, thanx for the special dedication, compliment and those sweet memories that we had together in ETG.
It's very touched when u wrote it inside ur blog...isk..isk..
I will miss both of you and all the time we had spent together with all the joy and pain we had been trough. I know we are in the small group in NITTO, but we did the best for it right? Never say die before die!!
Thanx for sharing so much thing with me, both of u (Lily and Neoh) are really sweet and understanding. We can share our problem together, not only in work but oso in relationship. So sorry if i tought both of u in the wrong direction or behaviour, yeah i agreed..kind of outlaw sometimes, but it's life..
Please do remember me even i'm no longer working with both of u, coz i do remember u all even u r not around. It's really sad to leave a good colleague like both of you, but yet i oso want to chase my own dream to become a teacher. My best wishes for both of u... Wish u luck in ur bright future k!!!

Lily a.k.a 'Ular Tedung',
U r like our PR to our group..he..he..
Thanx for those food,our table will always full with food..ha..ha..that makes us really 'kepoh' in office..
I like ur style like 'makcik'2..he..he.. When u r not around, i feel that office really quite without ur gossip or ur mumbling..he..he..

Neoh a.k.a 'Ular Lidi',
U r like a cute cartoon in the group, u have a good attitude and also 'skema' sometimes, but yet u r funny too. Never cross my mind u can join us do those nasty and crazy things together..he..he..

To ETG-nian:
I will miss u all!!!!!!!

lily azliyana @ mama zara said...

Hampeh nye zam..
ade ke patut kutuk i n neoh depan2.
i punye cover tak gelar die as 'Anaconda' dlm gp kite..
die boleh gelar i n neoh ular tedung n ular lidi..huhu..
in fact, zam yg ajar kite the way to be a perfect 'ular'.

nway, about all the foods etc,
tu sume iklas dr saye yang mmg pemurah n baik hati.
lepas ni saye put on weight berlebihan2 la coz dh takde org nak share mkanan lagi..hehe..

balrajsahni said...

everything in your profile is nice,god bless you

3G Broadband said...

lily mcm ku knl mamat mazeng tu..hheheh..budak besut kan...kekekeke....

lily azliyana @ mama zara said...

alamak..cmner ko leh kenal die nih..
budak skolaa ko ker..
keciknye dunia..=)=)

Keluarga kesayanganku..

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